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We are receiving reports from neighbors and locals to the area of the Forest of Fear about seeing what they believe are children wandering about at night.  So far we are aware of no reports of missing people in the area but we will certainly be looking into this strange occurrence.  One person described it as an eerie haunting figure in the moonlight that disappeared into the shadows when they approached it.  These reports seem to be increasing each day with more people coming to us questioning if we are involved.  We assure them, and you, that all of our monsters, vampires, ghosts and other haunted creatures are well-trained and happy to stay within the confines of the forest. We notice each year that reports of strange occurrences seem to increase leading up to Halloween so we will keep everyone updated as we learn more.  If you want to check it out for yourself our haunted attraction will be open this weekend ready for anyone brave enough to walk the terror filled path.

Forest of Fear
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