We have still been unsuccessful in locating our missing security guard.  We have posted a missing persons report and will keep you updated on the situation.

If anyone has any further information or questions about the strange occurrences at the Forest of Fear, please speak with Zsunayna at the fire.  She has been in contact with a few spirits at the forest and some of them are looking to communicate with the living.  We now suspect that many of the ghosts, vampires and other spirits of the forest are attempting to communicate with the visitors to our haunted attraction and they are certainly making their presence known.  Zsunayna is the best source for paranormal information in the Wichita area and we are thankful to have her on-site every night to speak with as many people as possible.  Don’t hesitate to ask her any questions or provide any information.  As far as we know, no other haunted house in the Wichita area has an on-site paranormal adviser… another first, from the Forest of Fear.

We will be open this weekend, ready for anyone brave enough to come speak with us and walk our haunted paths!