Something Strange in the Graveyard…


We are getting reports from visitors to the Forest of Fear that they are seeing a particularly strange figure in the graveyard.  We were finally able to capture an image of this creature and have included it here.  Zsunayna has been attempting to make contact with this ghost but has been met with limited success.  The “graveyard ghost” as we are calling it,  seems to prefer to communicate mainly with new visitors of the forest and is only revealing itself to certain ones.  We are trying to determine its patterns so we ask everyone visiting the forest to let Zsunayna at the fire know if you have seen the strange graveyard ghost and if anything was said to you.  If you have never been to the forest before we are urging you to come out as new people seem to be the most likely candidates to see the graveyard ghost.  If you have been out before, bring some new friends and maybe your group will be able to see it.

Thanks for the help!